PGC Gene Loose Leads

1999 Holy Land Pilgrimage

Gene Loose, Past Grand Commander of Knights Templar of Ohio, led the 1999 Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage. Sir Knight Loose led 33 ministers and priests to Israel on March 1-11. Created more than 20 years ago by Knights Templar, the national program's goal is to provide men and women of the clergy-most of them with only a few years in the profession-a first time work-study experience in the part of the world where Jesus lived, taught and performed miracles. Knights Templar picks up the tab, including air transportation and accomodations. Spending money is the responsibility of each pilgrim.

The group was assigned a Jewish guide, Ezra, who led them to dozens of ancient sites where the prophets of Christianity, Judaism and Islam roamed. "You're there and you look down and see where Jesus did this and Jesus did that," said Loose. The group feasted on roasted fish on the banks of the sea of Galilee. The tour included stops at the Mount of the Beatitudes, the River Jordan and the Garden of Gethsemane. "Jerusalem was probably the most exciting place to visit,"said Loose. "You always dream of what it would have been like, especially during Holy Week when Jesus arrived in the city, died and was resurrected."

SK Loose says a woman on the trip said it best,"It's like opening a Christmas gift and finding box after box after box after box."


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