Dad Gene Loose

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Dad Loose started the DeMolay Chapter in Upper Sandusky so it would be there for his sons when they were older. Mark was 9 and Andy 6 when the chapter started, you had to to be 14 to join.

Anytime you begin a new DeMolay Chapter you need the backing of the local Masons so Dad Loose went to The Mason in Upper Sandusky at that time, Thomas A. Reber, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. In their discussions PGM Reber asked Dad Loose who would responsible for keeping the Chapter going if things didn't work out as planned. Dad Loose replied that he would be. PGM Reber said that was good enough for him and for the next 40 years Dad Loose kept his word to him.

He started by taking a group of boys to join Marion Chapter in 1963. Many trips were made with more and more boys from Upper joining all the time.

On February 25, 1964, Upper Sandusky Chapter received its Letters Temporary from the International Supreme Council. The first Master Councilor was Richard Grafmiller. After a year of successful operation the Letters Pattent of Perpetual Constitution were received on March 31, 1965.

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